Baisakhi Celebrations

Baisakhi Celebrations
Baisakhi Celebrations
Baisakhi Celebrations
A young Sikh girl watches the proceedings during Baisakhi Celebrations, at the Gurdwara on Wakefield Road in Bradford. Baisakhi, often described as Sikh New Year Day, commemorates the birth of The Khalsa, or brotherhood of the Sikhs. The forty-eight-hour ceremony involves the flag outside the local Gurdwara (Temple) being taken down and dressed in a fresh new cloth, after having been washed with water, yoghurt and milk. There is a continuous recital of the Guru Granth Sahib (or Adi Granth) the main Sikh religious scripture, which takes 48 hours. During this time the scriptures are carried from temple to temple around Bradford, a procession that is now carried out in many British cities.
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