Eastbrook Hall, Bradford

Eastbrook Hall, Bradford
Eastbrook Hall, Bradford
Eastbrook Hall, Bradford
The First Cradle Roll, Eastbrook Hall. 1909. Picture appears in '50 Glorious Years', The History and Story of Eastbrook Hall', pub 1954, caption: The First Cradle Roll (with Miss Marjorie Hey , (the writer of this article) "The Cradle Roll was started in September 1904, and since that time the name of every baby baptised in Eastbrook Hall has been recorded on the Roll, the child receiving a birthday card until he is 3 years old, and then invited to attend the school. During this period the home of the little ones is regularly visited by the Cradle Roll Secretary." (list of cradle roll secretaries). Also appears in 'Eastbrook Hall's Centenary Souvenir' pg 111 with general info on page 114. gives the date 1909 I think the children in the foreground were the 1st ever to be put on the Roll and the babies being held are the most recent, the caption reads: " Miss Walker, Miss Brayshaw, Miss Brooksbank, Sister Gwladys Phillips. First and last children on the Roll, (first) Elsie Green, Frank M Dunwell, Marjorie Hey."
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