Tong Hall, South Front

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Tong Hall, South Front
Tong Hall, South Front
Tong Hall, South Front
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Tong Hall, Bradford, UK (53°46′18″N, 1°40′13″W)
View of the frontage of Tong Hall. The Hall is a Queen Anne Manor House built in the 17th century and later extended. It is a grade I listed building, which once had pleasure grounds which featured a ha-ha and a pond. One of a series of glass lantern slides showing old halls and other Bradford buildings.

The present hall replaced an older building that was owned by the Tong family. The 17th Century building was constructed by Sir George Tempest, who was a relation of the Tempest's at Bolling Hall. The Hall remained in the Tempest family until the 1940's and is now used as commercial office space.
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