Bedroom Self Portrait

Bedroom Self Portrait
Bedroom Self Portrait
Bedroom Self Portrait
“Lockdown is hitting me hard at the moment. I feel more relaxed now that certain things are easing like the garden centres opening, this excites me as I’m a keen indoor gardener, however I’m too anxious at the moment to go to my local garden centre.

Something I wish for is that it’ll be safe for me to go to gigs again. I have a lot of friends who i met at gigs and have been to numerous gigs with, I also have gigs re-scheduled for September, i’m holding onto them as a glimmer of hope through this dark time. Whilst we’ve been in lockdown, a year has passed since I met one of my favourite bands, I would never have thought a year later we’d be isolating and there’d be a global pandemic.

I hope soon I can see my favourite bands with my friends soon, but until then writing to them and FaceTimes will have to do.” Evie Sharp
Evie Sharp
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Selfportrait and words April 28, 2020(c) Evie Sharp Carolyn Mendelsohn
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