John Taylor JP

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John Taylor JP
John Taylor JP
John Taylor JP
Watercolour portrait of John Taylor by John Sowden

From John Sowden's notebooks:

"Mr Taylor was the oldest member of his profession in Bradford. He was not, however, aBradford man by birth. He was the son of a Leicester thread manufacturer and was articled to the law at Liverpool.

He was admitted as a solicitor in 1841, and began practice in Bolton-le-Moor, Lancashire. He came to Bradford in 1843 and joined the firm of Tolson & Clough which became Tolson, Clough & Taylor. In 1860 Mr JR Jeffery, and in 1861 Mr Little became associated with Mr Taylor as practitioners, the style of the firm after the second of these changes being altered to Taylor, Jeffrey & Little. Mr Little died in 1891. Since then Mr GW Jessop and Mr Jeffery’s two sons have been made partners. Mr Taylor's professional career was a successful and laborious one. He was for a time secretary of the Bowling iron Company Ltd.

Outside professional and business matters he found energy to spare for political and church work. He was a strong churchman and was one of the trustees of Holy Trinity Church, and worked hard for the Church Institute and contributed £500 to the funds. He was a member of the Bradford school board for a time in politics Mr Taylor was a Conservative.

In the Parliamentary elections he played a considerable part on the Conservative side. Early in the eighties Mr Taylor took up his residence in London leaving the heavy part of his professional work to his partners. In response to is own party’s request, Mr Taylor quitted his semi-retirement to contest East Bradford against Mr (after Lord) Holden, but was defeated by a majority of 346 votes. Mr Taylor was a Justice of the Peace and was one of the founders of the Bradford Club. Mr Taylor married Miss Wood of Leeds. He died in 1898 in his 82nd year, leaving a son and two daughters."
John Sowden
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