Alderman HM Trotter

Alderman HM Trotter
Alderman HM Trotter
Alderman HM Trotter
Watercolour portrait of Alderman HM Trotter by John Sowden

from John Sowden's notebooks:

"Alderman Trotter was born in Bowling in 1865 and being one of the family of sixteen was called upon to contribute to the maintenance of the home even in his school days, and as he ran round the locality delivering newspapers, he began a course of events which led up to his present position as an agent of the press.

He passed his school days at Saint James’s but he was for nearly 30 years associated with St Luke's as boy and teacher in the Sunday School. He was one of the Churchwardens for nearly five years. As a youth at “Morgans” an old institution in Kirkgate where a newspaper distributing Agency business was carried on.

He served under Mr William Morgan and also under Mr Morgan's brother. He started business on his own account in basement premises in Charles Street and afterwards established himself in Albion Court and later also in Keighley.

Alderman Trotter entered the City Council as representative of the East Bowling Ward in 1898. He was made an Alderman in 1910.

He has been actively identified with swimming organisations and with the development of the Bradford Municipal Baths which has placed Bradford in the forefront of municipalities in respect of hygiene bathing facilities. He was the originator of the Bradford Gymnastics Club and established the first municipal gymnasium.

He was a president of the Bowling Rugby Football Club. Alderman Trotter married first Miss Annie Hayley and there are three children of the marriage. As his second wife he married in 1908 Miss Rosa Morris the daughter of Mr John Morris of Barmouth. [different handwriting] Died November 11, 1927."
John Sowden
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