Wool Sorting

Wool Sorting
Wool Sorting
Wool Sorting
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Legrams Mill, Legrams Ln, Bradford BD7 1NH, UK (53°47′29″N, 1°46′25″W)
Wool Sorting, Legrams Mill. Legrams worsted mill was established in 1871 by a loom manufacturer. Designed by Lockwood & Mawson of Bradford as an integrated mill with a combing shed, mill, weaving shed and warehouse. However, a slump caused it to change to spinning. The weaving shed was never built and the mill was left as an unfinished shell. The warehouse was converted to act as the spinning mill. The original mill building was completed in 1903. A century or so later, Legrams Mill has been converted into apartments.
Bradford Heritage Recording Unit, David Ashwell
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BHRU 87 495 5a
Bradford Heritage Recording Unit
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