School Photograph

School Photograph
School Photograph
School Photograph
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Thackley, Bradford, UK (53°50′15″N, 1°44′49″W)
School photograph, Thackley c 1929
Back row left: Douglas twins (one joined the navy, killed during World War Two), Walter Badford (worked on scenery at Yorkshire Television), Philip Obank (of Obank’s builders), William Whiteley (killed during World War Two), E. Woodhead, Hubert Watkins (killed during World War Two), Philip Colehan (nephew of impresario Barney Colehan, later became a librarian), Kenneth Ward
Fourth row, first left: Sam Moorhouse (killed during World War Two), fourth left: Bertie Wilkinson (first DFC during World War Two)
Front row, third left: John Braine (author, Room At The Top), third left: Alfred Perfitt (killed during World War Two)
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BHRU C86 3 89
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