Sykes, T P MA

Sykes, T P MA
Sykes, T P MA
Sykes, T P  MA
Watercolour portrait of T P Sykes M A, headmaster of Great Horton Board School.

from John Sowden's notebooks:

"Was born at Mirfield in 1855, and after serving his apprenticeship in the Wesleyan School then he passed the Queen’s Scholarship examination high up in the first class. Proceeding to Westminster Training College in 1874 he was head student of his year and was appointed Precentor of his college. For a time he worked at Deal and later came to Bradford in 1882 as headmaster of Great Horton Board School.

By the amalgamation of three departments the school became the largest elementary school in the city. Mr Sykes has filled all the offices of the Bradford Teachers Association. In 1897 he was elected on the executive of the National Union of Teachers and in 1906 he was made president of that body. In connection with the latter event he was honoured by having conferred upon him the degree of Master of Arts (Honoris Causa) by Leeds University.

Mr Sykes has taken a prominent part in the education politics of the city of Bradford for many years, and his contributions in that direction are always welcome. Mr Sykes was appointed a vice president of the education section of the National Conference on the Prevention of Destitution which was held in London 1911, the president being Professor ME Sadler of Manchester.

He died in 1919."
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