Group Portrait

Group Portrait
Group Portrait
Group Portrait
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Eastbrook Hall, Leeds Rd, Bradford BD1 5AE, UK (53°47′36″N, 1°44′46″W)
Group portrait of young men on building site. Group portrait of young men on a building site. If this was the site of the new Eastbrook Hall the Brotherhood is not yet formed, perhaps this represents the new generation of the new mission? Building of Eastbrook Hall began in 1902 and it opened in 1904. Foundation stones were laid in June 1902. Memorial Stones were laid in October 1902. 13 people laid memorial stones (incl. Miss Ruth Pratt, C. Pratt (the photographer's) sister). A time capsule was placed in a cavity beneath an unmarked stone. Everyone who paid 10s 6d (72 people) were allowed to lay a brick. see T&A article April 1958 and The Eastbrook Centenary Souvenir pg88 for further info. Bradford archives 67D86/1 there is an A4 booklet from the ceremonies with listings of the day's events.
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Christopher Pratt
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