Self Portrait

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Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
“I really want all this to be over. I want to hug my friends and family. I really want to be able to act again. This year was supposed to be a big/great year for my acting, for many reasons such as, I’m supposed to be starting at CAPA College in September and so many other incredible and exciting things were going to happen.

I don’t really know how I’m feeling if I’m being honest. But I am worried about how all of this is/will affect everyones mental health. I think it is really important we look after each other, be kind to ourselves, and each other. What I’ve noticed is that there are so many expectations and judgements even when the country is in lockdown. I don’t think they are fair or things that we need to live up to. This is a really difficult time for all of us, it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay not to come out of it all with “ the perfect body” or a new language.

I just wish for everyone to stay safe and strong.” Scout, 16
Scout Worsley
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Self Portrait and words May 08, 2020(c) Scout Worsley Carolyn Mendelsohn-3
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