Dr William Green Tacey

Dr William Green Tacey
Dr William Green Tacey
Dr William Green Tacey
Watercolour portrait of Dr William Green Tacey by John Sowden

from John Sowden's notebooks:

"Dr Tacey was born at Hull in 1833 and spent his youth at Louth of which town his father was chief constable. He was educated at Louth Grammar School. The headmaster was Reverend John Waite. The brothers Tennyson were trained under the same master a little previous to his time. Was apprenticed to a noted doctor named Dr Samuel Trough who was four times Mayor of Louth. Afterwards he came to Bradford in 1854 as assistant to Mr William Coates, Rawson Place.

Attended the Leeds School of Medicine and the diploma LSA London and subsequently those of Physician and Surgeon of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Entered into partnership with the late Dr Coates and afterwards took a practice in the town.

He did not take an active part in public affairs, but was devoted to his profession and was an early investigator in regard to woolsorter’s disease (anthrax) and he contributed a treatise to the British Medical Journal in 1880.

In this connection he was associated with the late Dr Bell. His writings on microscopy were of values. He was a member of the Royal Microscopical Society and was and authority upon the subject.

He was an excellent amateur artist and was keenly interested in antiquities and books.

At Sotheby's rooms in London, Dr Tacey's books were sold and many fine and early editions of well known books realised good prices. He died September 1915."
John Sowden
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