Alverthorpe Mills

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Alverthorpe Mills
Alverthorpe Mills
Alverthorpe Mills
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Alverthorpe, Wakefield, UK (53°41′18″N, 1°31′58″W)
Built in 1870-2 as an integrated woollen mill Alverthorpe Mills was an example of single-storeyed layout with a sequence of processes arranged logically within a main shed around the central power source. Detached sheds provided a boiler house, dyehouse and some finishing rooms. Offices on were on the main road frontage. The engine house designed for a horizontal engine, but the original was replaced in 1912, possibly occasioned by an expansion of sheds. In 1987 Alverthorpe Mills was part of Illingworth Morris PLC. Though outside the Bradford MDC area, the BHRU team thought photographing it represented a good opportunity to document a ‘vertical mill’: when all fabric production processes are undertaken at one site, by one company.
Bradford Heritage Recording Unit, Tim Smith
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BHRU 87 274 35
Bradford Heritage Recording Unit
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