Belle Vue Studio

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Belle Vue Studio
Belle Vue Studio
Originally opened in 1902 by B. Sandford Taylor, Belle Vue Studio was eventually established on Manningham Lane in Bradford. It became one of the city's best known photographic studios.

Along with his successor, Tony Walker, Sandford Taylor was traditional in his methods, opting to use natural rather than electric light, even as late as the 1950s. However, by this time most people had cameras of their own and were less inclined to use the services of a portrait studio.

For Belle Vue Studio, survival and continued success were ensured by an influx of people coming to live and work in Bradford from other parts of the world. Individuals, couples and families were keen to have their photographs taken and sent back to relatives. Many images reflect a desire to show material success in a new country.

Much of the studio's original work was lost along with most written records when it closed in 1975. Tony Walker finally cleared his studio in 1985 and 17,000 glass negatives were rescued and acquired by Bradford Museums and Galleries.
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