Barkerend Stores, Bradford
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Barkerend Stores, Bradford
Barkerend Stores, Bradford
Barkerend Stores, Bradford
Barkerend Stores with Bethesda Chapel in the background. In the background lies Bethesda Chapel in the Barkerend District There is information about Bethesda Chapel in 'The Making of a Mission' by The Bradford Wesleyan Mission, pub March 1911, pg87-91. Strange description of the small chapel falling apart but patched up again although still not big enough for the many people in the area. Page 11 tells us that in 1906 Eastbrook was asked to take the oversight of neighbouring churches and work on their Mission lines. In 1907 they were asked to take on Southend, Prospect and Bethesda. They were taken on and announced in a report in 1908.
Christopher Pratt
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